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Ageing, Cosmetic Surgery and More.

Tour Of Beauty screened many years ago and at the time I was lucky enough to chat with Rachel about how her global odyssey changed the way she looked at beauty and ageing. The fascinating series followed Rachel around the globe in search of the secret to superior wellbeing and age-defying looks. Her findings are as relevant today as they were six years ago when the series still launched which is why I’m proud to reproduce that exclusive interview here today. 

How did you feel about ageing (specifically your changing looks) before filming the series? I was always questioning the non-invasive procedures. I’m surrounded by them; I live in Los Angeles where there’s a lot of influence to those types of procedures – the Botox and fillers, things like that. I was always questioning myself, “Should I go and do that? Maybe I do need something done.” Now, as I’m at the end of the series my thoughts have changed drastically. I’m a lot more centred within myself. I think when you’re living in society there are pressures, wherever and whatever they are, that start filtering in to what you think about yourself. But there’s a bigger picture, and I’m seeing that now.

Has filming this series made the ageing process easier? Absolutely it has! There is such variety within ‘beauty’ – it’s so individual. Filming Tour of Beauty alleviated any pressures I’d normally get from society because I was exposed to so much and so many incredible people – people who have done such amazing things, who have different views and approaches to beauty and wellbeing. All of which have given me a bigger consciousness of what beauty is.

Has there been a standout moment for you during filming the series? India was huge for me because of a particular guru that I talked to who just had an incredible message. Sadhguru – he really had a big impact on me. The way he spoke about finding inner peace – emotional beauty, I guess you’d call it. Finding how to get through hard times, how to get rid of fears, how to live a more simple life in your head. That’s the reason so many ‘seek’; to calm those thoughts – it’s the ‘eat, pray, love’ thing – that search to find an inner peace.

What will you change about your own beauty regime going forward? I have always been quite simple when it comes to my beauty regime. But I’m a lot more particular in my choices when I go to supermarket, and when I’m choosing where my produce comes from. It’s not such a big deal for New Zealand as you have more farmer’s table vegetables. But over here in the States I make better choices as to what I want on my table now.

What’s your must-have beauty product or treatment? I love the Lucas paw-paw cream! It has so many properties. You can use it for all different things – if you’ve hurt yourself, if you’re dry – oh, especially on the plane if you’re dry. I cover it on my face and on my legs; it’s just such a good moisturiser. It’s a one stop shop in your bag!


Women’s epic journey begins on the Greek isle of Ikaria. Dubbed ‘The Island of Long Life’ locals have the world’s lowest rates of middle-age mortality and live around a decade longer than Americans and Western Europeans. they takes on the local diet and lifestyle which includes eating loads of wild greens and staying fit by late night dancing.

In Hainan, China she finds a similar community, but there they believe it’s their togetherness and food grown from selenium rich soil that is keeping them healthier and alive longer than most.

In Morocco they explores the anti-aging properties and medicinal values of argan oil – nicknamed “the gold of Morocco”, and in Dubai she discovers Camel’s Milk, nature’s new “superfood”. It’s famous for its extraordinary nutritional properties and delivering 10 times more iron than cow’s milk, and three times more vitamin C.

In the islands of the South Pacific she finds out how two ancient plants – the sacred Dilo tree and the Coconut palm can promote powerful healing and moisturising properties.

Around India Rachel explores spirituality, meditation, yoga and some of the curative properties of local spices. And in the plastic surgery capital of the world South Korea, Rachel meets a 20 year old who chose to undergo extensive work to achieve her desired look.

In America women explores her home state of California to investigate unique theories of diet and anti-aging and in Australia Rachel discovers the appeal of Emu Oil.

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